ReThink everything you thought you Knew

No Longer an Atheist

I love your books.  I was an atheist for the longest time until my good
friend lent me a copy of your book “God of the Possible.”  That book
changed the way I thought about God, and I began to realize that the God
I was so against, might not be the God of Christianity.  My conversion
occurred shortly thereafter on Sept 9th 2001.  Since then I’ve followed
your sermons and read more of your books (‘God at War’ and ‘Satan and
the Problem of Evil’) and I really believe you are doing God’s work.  I
want to thank you for what you do.  I’m 25 now, and though I’m late, I
began college awhile back and have plans to attend either Seminary, or
major in Philosophy of Religion.  I want to serve God and contribute to
his kingdom.

On a side note I produce videos and post them from time to time on
Google video,  one that was heavily influenced by the warfare worldview,
I would like to share with you.  You can find it on this link

Hope you enjoy, keep up the good fight, and if you could reply I would
be thrilled.

No Longer an Atheist
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