I Bible Interpretation

The Development of the Canon

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How To Read The Bible

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Aids To Interpreting the Bible

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The Theological Interpretation of Scripture

Note: These are books that address the nature and necessity of reading Scripture as God's inspired Word and thus in ways that can discern a surplus of meaning in passages of Scripture (viz. that go beyond the "original intended meaning" of an author). This was the standard way church leaders interpreted the Bible prior to the Enlightenment when scholars began to deny the uniqueness of the Bible and to interpret it the same way they interpreted other ancient works. Greg's interest in the Theological Interpretation of Scripture movement is rooted in his conviction that all Scripture must bear witness to the crucified Christ.



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The Christocentric Reading of Scripture


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Anabaptist Biblical Interpretation


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Methodological Issues in Biblical Interpretation


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The Bible and Historical-Critical Issues


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Nature and Significance of Oral Traditions

Note: These are works that address the general reliability of oral traditions in non-literate cultures. Greg's interest in this category is based on the commonly held scholarly conviction that most of the content of the Bible, and especially of the Gospels, circulated as oral tradition before being written down.



E. Bakker, A. Kahane Written Voices, Spoken Signs (Harvard University Press, 1997) 3

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Commentaries on the Whole Bible


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Biblical Theology


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Centrality of Covenant in Scripture

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Cosmic Conflict/ Spiritual Warfare in Scripture


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The "Dark Side" of Scripture

Note: These are works that address problematic and offensive aspects of the Bible, such as its violent portraits of God, its sexism, and its condoning of slavery. While Evangelicals typically try to minimize or attempt to explain away the offensive ugliness of this material, Greg instead contends that Christians should honestly acknowledge the full extent of the offensive ugliness of this material. In his forthcoming book, The Crucifixion of the Warrior God, Greg argues that, when this material is interpreted in light of the cross , we can discern how the ugliness of this material bears witness to the God who bore the horrific ugliness of our sin on Calvary.


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