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Endorsements for Crucifixion of the Warrior God

Greg has gotten some really great endorsements for his upcoming Crucifixion of the Warrior God, so we thought we’d share them with all of you. If you want to learn more, you can go here. Enjoy! “We now have a plenitude of studies preoccupied with the vexed question of the violence

Introducing “Apologies and Explanations” Podcast

I’m so excited to announce that ReKnew is launching our very own podcast! We are calling it “Apologies and Explanations,” because in each 5 to 15 minute podcast I will respond to questions that aim at clarifying what I believe and/or why I believe this. In fact, on this podcast

Got Questions About God?

Do you have a friend who’s got questions about God? Greg’s father was an atheist who had lots of questions. Over an extended period, Greg and his father wrote letters to one another where they talked honestly about them. The questions include: Why is the world so full of suffering?

Interview with Drew Marshall

Greg was interviewed by Drew Marshall on Saturday, November 2, on the topic of his new book Benefit of the Doubt, and we thought you might like to listen to what he had to say. You can find the interview here. Enjoy!

Publisher’s Weekly Review of Benefit of the Doubt

Publisher’s Weekly gave us a positive review and highly recommends Greg’s book. You can find the review here. You can order a copy of Benefit of the Doubt on Amazon. Top 20 Most Influential Christian Scholars – Fall 2010

Click here to see who made #4 of the list of Top 20 Most Influential Christian Scholars:)

Greg’s View Cited on Andrew Sullivan Blog – 11/2010

Click here to read Andrew Sullivan’s blog about his appreciation for the Christus Victor view of Atonement.

Altar Video Magazine Interview – 11/30/10

Greg talks about God’s sovereignty with Altar Video Magazine online. Click here to watch.

Relevant Magazine Article – 7/10

Greg wrote an article on the Idolatry of Patriotism. You can read it by clicking on this link: relevant-july2010.pdf

Neue Resources Podcast Part One- 11/30/09

Josh Loveless interviews Greg about the controversy that seems to follow him. They talk about the fallout of a sermon series he did and his book The Myth of a Christian Religion. Click here to listen.

The Drew Marshall Show – 10/24/09

Greg answers questions and has too much fun on the Drew Marshall radio program in Canada. Click here to listen.

Minnesota Christian Chronicle Online – 08/09

An article entitled, “The good news in the decline of American Christianity” was written by Greg for the August edition of the Minnesota Christian Chronicle Online. Click here to read.

Burnside Writers Collective – 02/02/09

Burnside Writers Collective, the online magazine of Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz), published a portion of an interview of Greg done by Scott Noble who is a freelance writer in Saint Paul, MN.  Click here to read the article.

Relevant’s Neue Magazine Quarterly Vol. 1 – Fall 2008

Click here to read an article about voting that Greg contributed to in Relevant’s Neue magazine.  The article can be found on page 106 online and 104 in print.

Parchment and Pen Converse with Scholars – 02/12/2008

Did the Christian Gospel borrow from other Greek myths? Can one approach the Gospels historically or is it just a matter of blind faith? Was Jesus a legend dreamed up by zealous people or is he truly Lord of all? Listen now to the Converse with Scholars boadcast Greg Boyd

WHRV, VA Radio Interview – 1/04/07

Greg was a guest for an interview (8.5 mb mp3) about the book on the Virginia Public Radio program, “HearSay.”

The Kansas City Star – 11/30/06

The KansasCity Star ran an article called “Evangelicals Take Political Uneasiness Public” (16 kb pdf) which mentions Greg and his book.

Bethel University – 10/23/06

Greg and author Jim Wallis spoke at an event called “Faith & Politics: Should They Mix?” (19.8 mb mp3) at Bethel University. Each speaker gave a short presentation and then answered questions from audience members. Bethel University Article:    Streaming video of the event.

Watch Greg on CNN’s “God’s Warriors”

This video is a video of Greg’s segment on God’s Warriors. Greg’s interview starts at 2:07. The following was taken from a post on Greg’s blog (August 24, 2007): Thoughts on “God’s Warriors” from “The Heretic” Hi folks, I and a bunch of friends just finished watching Christiane Amanpour’s

The Kansas City Star – 11/30/06

The KansasCity Star ran an article called “Evangelicals Take Political Uneasiness Public” (16 kb pdf) which mentions Greg and his book

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