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Introducing “Apologies and Explanations” Podcast

I’m so excited to announce that ReKnew is launching our very own podcast! We are calling it “Apologies and Explanations,” because in each 5 to 15 minute podcast I will respond to questions that aim at clarifying what I believe and/or why I believe this. In fact, on this podcast I will respond to whatever questions you would like to ask me, including those that address more personal matters. For example, among the episodes we have already recorded, I was asked about why I chose to become a vegetarian as well as what continues to cause me doubt. And, by the way, these podcasts are not pre-scripted, so it will feel more intimate, kind of like we’re sitting in your living room chatting about whatever random topics might be interesting for you. So we encourage you to send your questions to askgregboyd@gmail.com, or tweet them to @thatdankent and we hope you sign up to become a regular listener!


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Dan: @thatdankent
Email: askgregboyd@gmail.com
Twitter: @reKnewOrg

Greg’s new book: Inspired Imperfection
Dan’s new book: Confident Humility



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