Greg’s Library of Recommended Books

About This Library:

Greg is frequently asked about the books that have most influenced his life and/or that he recommends on a wide variety of topics. This bibliography addresses these questions. In this library you will find over 2,000 books,  arranged into nine broad categories and numerous sub-categories.

The fact that a book appears among Greg’s most recommended books does not necessarily mean that Greg endorses all of its content. In fact, some of the works listed in this bibliography are books that advocate positions that Greg strongly disagrees with. Such books nevertheless found their way onto Greg’s list of recommended books because he feels they have important things to say on the topic under which they are listed and/or because they are required reading for anyone who wants to consider himself or herself informed on the topic under which they are listed. Some books listed under a particular topic are not necessarily focused on that  topic, but they are nevertheless listed because Greg felt they have important things to say about that topic.

Where deemed relevant, an introductory “note” describing Greg’s driving interest in a particular category of works is provided. Works that Greg considers particularly important and/or compelling and/or that are widely regarded as classics in the field are followed by an exclamation mark .

Books that Greg considers to be good introductions to the topic under which they are listed are followed by an . Works are cited without their sub-title unless the sub-title is deemed necessary to understand the significance of the book. Because many works were drawn from Greg’s personal library and from past notes, a listing may not reflect a book’s most recent publication information.

Each work is ranked according to its degree of difficulty as follows:

1 easy for most lay readers (written at a freshmen to senior in High School level)
2 somewhat difficult for most lay readers (written at a freshmen to junior University level)
3 difficult for most lay readers (written at senior University to Graduate School level)
4 extremely difficult for most lay readers (written for academically trained specialists in the field)