Podcast: How Can I Protect My Kids from the Violence in Media?

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Greg looks at ways to help strengthen non-violence in children in a world saturated in violence.

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Podcast: Why Is Secular Music So Much Better Than Christian Music?

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Greg considers the challenges of Christian music.

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ReKnew Newsletter


Did you know that ReKnew sends out an electronic newsletter every month that features an original video message and book recommendations from Greg as well as top posts and video from the previous month, testimonies, upcoming…

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Life to the Full

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What does it mean to live life to the full? Greg addresses this question in this short video by The Work of the People.  

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Interview with Drew Marshall

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Greg was interviewed by Drew Marshall on Saturday, November 2, on the topic of his new book Benefit of the Doubt, and we thought you might like to listen to what he had to say. You…

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