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News and other media outlets featuring Greg. Book Review – 10/26/06

A book review of The Myth of a Christian Nation was published on 

Star Tribune – 10/23/06

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune ran “Wallis vs. Boyd: A Friendly Evangelical Smackdown,” (50 kb pdf) an article about the recent event at Bethel with Greg and author Jim Wallis .

The Evangelical Covenant Church Website and Magazine- 10/11/06

The Evangelical Covenant Church published a short article about Greg on their web site. In addition, they published an interview with Greg in the October 2006 edition their magazine, The Covenant Companion. Article – 10/10/06 ran an article on Greg called “Oh, Those Wacky, Compassionate Christians.”

The Covenant Companion Magazine – 10/06

The Covenant Companion Magazine wrote an article entitled “Christian People or a Christian Nation?“

Christianity Today Article – 10/06

The Cross or the Sword? Gregory Boyd’s radical approach to faith and politics has taken him where few American pastors have dared to go—and he’s got the empty pews to prove it.  By Carla Barnhill

The Kansas City Star – 9/30/06

The Kansas City Star ran an article called “Evangelicals Take Political Uneasiness Public” (16 kb pdf) which mentions Greg and his book.

Wired Parish – 9/28/06

Jay Kelly at did an audio interview (10.1 mb mp3) with Greg about Myth of a Christian Nation.

Voices of America – 9/28/06

Voices of America wrote an article about Greg entitled “Preacher Takes Stand Against Politics On the Pulpit.“

Radio Interview, KFBK CA – 9/21/06

Greg was a guest for an interview (8.6 mb mp3) on News Talk 1530 KFBK out of Sacremento, CA.

The Cincinnati City Beat – 9/21/06

The Cincinnati CityBeat ran an article on Greg and the Myth of a Christian Nation. Article – 9/19/06 posted an article on Christianity and politics. “What Scares the Left About the Christians in Politics”.    What scares the left about the Christians in politics? Peter Bronson A young woman on my right, wearing the official flip-flop uniform of jeans, t-shirt and baseball cap, raised her hands like

The Jewish Herald-Voice – 9/14/06

The Jewish Herald-Voice ran an article called “Evangelical Leader Calls for Untangling Religion and Politics” that takes a look at Greg’s book from a Jewish perspective.

Minnesota Public Radio Interview and Article – 9/11/06

A stand from the pulpit: Listen to an interview by Minnesota Public Radio, or read the article. – 9/05/06

The website featured an “open letter” to Greg. 

Star Tribune – 9/01/06

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune did an article (88 kb pdf) about Greg and how our church has responded to his ideas about Christians and politics in their “Faith+Values” section.

Lanigan and Malone Show, Cleveland OH – 8/30/06

Greg was a guest for an interview (3.4 mb mp3) on the “Lanigan and Malone” show on WMIJ out of Cleveland, OH.

CNN God’s Warriors – 8/23/06

Charlie Rose Interview – 8/16/2006

During Segment 2 of the Charlie Rose show (around 32 minutes), Greg discusses his book, “The Myth of a Christian Nation.”  Part One: Part Two: Part Three:

Star Tribune – 8/11/06

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune ran an article (80 kb pdf) about the Constitution, Religion and Politics that mentions Greg’s view.

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