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News and other media outlets featuring Greg.

National Public Radio Interview – 8/07/06

National Public Radio did a segment with Greg during their On Point show. Article – 08/04/07

An article entitled “Will Democrats Go to Heaven”, written by David Burchett. David writes about Greg’s controversial sermons about how the church should not embrace patriotism and politics into the sanctuary.

Pioneer Press Article – 8/03/06

The St. Paul Pioneer Press printed the NY Times article and followed up with this editorial.

Star Tribune Article – 8/01/06

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran this editorial in response to the NY Times article.

The New York Times – 7/30/06

The New York Times published a front-page article about Greg’s recent book Myth of a Christian Nation, the sermon series “The Cross and the Sword” and Woodland Hills Church. This story was syndicated around the country to newspapers and web sites, including AOL.

Christian Book Previews – 5/06

Christian Book Previews did a pre-release review of Myth of a Christian Nation.

Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal – 3/06

Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal keeps a blog called Out of Ur, which covered Myth on March 29 and March 31

Bethel Focus Magazine – 9/02

A Popular Professor Leaves the Pulpit: A farewell Interview with Professor of Theology Greg Boyd.

Bethel Focus Magazine – 9/01

Bethel Focus Magazine ran an article entitled “Bethel Student and Professor Dad Run Marathon“.

KSTP Interview with Greg & Ed Boyd about Letters from a Skeptic – 09/2000

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