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First Entry

Hi Folks!

Welcome to the first ever Christus Victor Ministries blog entry. Yeh! (bugles, drums, fanfare, etc.).

To be honest, I didn’t know what a “blog” was till about a year ago. I only found out what they were when a friend informed me that a private e-mail I had sent turned up on a blog – used in a way that was (let us say) less than “complimentary” to me (grrrrr!) Anyway, a little while later as I and the board of Christus Victor Ministries were planning our new web site (which, by the way, will hopefully be completed in two or three weeks) it was suggested that I have my own blog. (I promise that I won’t post any private e-mails here!).

Now, the point of having one’s own blog is… well, I’m not sure. I guess it’s to do whatever the heck you want. (“I can do whatever I want! Gosh! Napoleon Dynamite). So, here’s what I’d like the purpose of this blog to be.

As some of you may know, I like to think. Actually, it’s a sort of compulsive disorder I have, because I can’t find the “off” button for my thinker. Now I try to put my compulsive disorder to some good use by writing books and articles. Some people find my thinking helpful. Others not so much. Anyway, books and articles only go so deep, and only cover so many topics. They also tend to be a bit formal (the way I write them anyway) and there’s months or years in between each one. So, I’m thinking this blog could be a way to let me vent my compulsive thinking disorder in between my published writings and on topics not covered by my published writings. Also, it will be more informal (as this entry obviously is), it may at times give people who are interested a peek into a side of my personality that doesn’t come through much in my published writings. Finally, since blogs (I’m told) let others give feedback, this blog may prove to be a good platform for me to have my ideas refined before they get “officially” published.

My plan (which, consistent with my theology, is open to change) is to “blog” a couple times a week (is “blog” both a noun and a verb?). I’m just going to think out loud and share whatever’s on my mind. Could be on current events. Could be on what God’s doing in my life, Could be responding to a question I receive. Could be something new I discovered in my research.

Now, why should anyone care about what I think? Honestly, I’ve never quite gotten that one myself. But like I said, some people seem to find my thinking helpful. So, to those dear folks (who are obviously an intellectual cut above the rest) I dedicate this blog. I hope you check in frequently and give your feedback.

Blessings on you.


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