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Politics and Faith in South Korea

On Wednesday (Oct 25) a documentary team from South Korea came to my church to interview me. What an honor! They are with the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and are putting a piece together on Faith and Politics. It is expected to reach 10 to 50 million people all over South Korea!

The interview came about after the producer, Mr. Kang, read a South Korean version of the New York Times story and felt I had something to say to his country. While visiting with Mr. Kang, he shared that the church in South Korea is beginning to imitate its “big brother” — the evangelical church in America. In other words, it’s beginning to grab after political power. Mr. Kang stated that in the last 30 years, Christianity in South Korea has been steadily growing. It’s been simple, beautiful and free from political squabbles and power plays. That is changing, however. In Korea (as has been the case throughout history in many different cultures and times) now that the church has grown sufficiently large, some are trying to use the church to control the country politically. The devil is offering up his number #1 temptation once again (my commentary, not Mr. Kang’s). Like its “big brother,” the church in South Korea is starting to care more about controlling the country than sacrificing for it. And, not surprisingly, the church itself is beginning to become divided along political lines.

So, Mr. Kang felt that the message in The Myth of a Christian Nation is especially relevant at this pivotal time in South Korea. We at CVM feel so blessed to be used by God in this way. How beautiful it would be if for once in history a national church followed Jesus’ example and said “NO” to political power, choosing instead to continue following the simple example of Jesus.

If you share this vision of the Kingdom, will you join us in praying for the church of South Korea? Pray that God will use this documentary to help Christians in South Korea wake up to the political delusion that is starting to descend on them.


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