ReThink everything you thought you Knew

from one of the admins


marcia here….i work with greg at christus victor ministries…administrative and photograhy. you won’t hear from me much on this blog but sometimes i need to defend myself with those that follow this blog. i love working with greg…but let me tell you it’s NOT easy!

greg thinks rosie is boring?…look in the mirror GREG BOYD!!! people think he’s so smart and we as his friends and colleagues sit at his feet listening to his endless ramblings about plato and other who-evers! ok…so he is smart but he’s also VERY normal and we just want his “normal” side to come out in his blogging too!

p.s. i happen to enjoy rosie’s blog…she is SO funny and insightful…NEVER boring!!! greg boyd and dump truck…you don’t know rosie!

well, he does look academic here but notice we’re not at his feet.


from one of the admins
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