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The Mother of All Birthday Parties!

On Friday, June 1st, my small group told me they were taking me out dancing (I LOVE to dance and frequently complain to the group that we don’t do enough of it). Julie said she found a good dance band at a local club. So we went out to eat at a fantastic Thai restaurant and headed over to the club. When we walked into the place I was greeted by a crowd of people shouting “SURPRISE!”

Turns out my wife had rented out the whole hall – and an 80’s band – to throw me the birthday party of my life.

Am I married to the most wonderful woman on the planet, or what? I love you Shelley Boyd!

The party was incredible fun. We all got a little crazy dancing, singing and playing air guitar with the band. (I danced so hard and long that the next day I was so sore I had trouble getting out of bed – a nice reminder that I’d indeed turned 50.)

The guys in my small group have formed a tongue-in-cheek band called NDY (for “Not Dead Yet”) and the performing band let us get up on stage and play a couple songs (our thanks to the band Rock-It-Science for indulging us – and for being tons of fun throughout the night).

Finally, Shelley and some friends had put together a video entitled “This is our life.” It was poignantly beautiful, and I, of course, got all choked up.

It was honestly the best party ever, and one I will never forget. If we’re still around, we’ll be talking about this when we’re 80.

As I enjoyed time with my wonderful wife, family, and friends, I was once again reminded of the fact that

I am the single most blessed man on the planet.


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