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Sorry. Sorry. Sorrrrrry! I know I know I know. Dr. Boyd is a bad bad blogger.

I’ve been completely and totally and unequivocally SWAMPED this week. Honestly.

Here’s quick update for today and I promise to blog again tomorrow.

My daughter Alisha ran the Twin Cities Marathon last Sunday. Yeh Alisha! Shelley and I are so proud of her! Her knees started aching by mile 8, but she just kept going. Never walked. What a trooper!

Most of our small group came out to cheer Alisha on. Isn’t that sweet! What a family!!

I’ve been running the last six months attempting to get my gut down, so I jumped in the race for a few miles to cheer her on. I was planning to run 3 miles, 6 tops. The energy of the moment got the best of me and I ended up jumping in at the 14-mile mark and running to the 26-mile mark. OUCH! There’s just something about sharing pain together that bonds a father and daughter. I was thinking, “If Alisha is in pain, then I should be in pain too!” I loved it and we both agreed it was a great father-daughter experience.

My back, however, disagreed.

Also, the day before the marathon, Alisha informed Shelley and me that we will be GRANDPARENTS for the second time! Yeh Tim and Alisha! We’re (again) so proud (and old)!

I’m now in Milford, Connecticut. Tomorrow I’m part of a Faith and Politics Conference at Yale. I just got back from a wonderful dinner with my new friend David Kuo (author of the book Tempting Faith) and we had a great time and great conversation. David and I will probably be the two odd ducks in this interface of faith and politics conference. We don’t think there’s much of an interface AT ALL. I’m on a panel discussing the theological foundation for Christian participation in politics, and my argument will be that there IS NO theological foundation for Christian involvement in politics. Our call is to build an entirely different kind of Kingdom.

It ought to be interesting.

I have thoughts on the topic of JUSTICE that I plan to share tomorrow.


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