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Where’s the new Christus Victor website?

Some time ago I mentioned that we were going to launch our new, improved, super easy and super informative website “very soon.” “Soon” has come and gone, so where’s the new site?

May I remind you that while sequence is absolute, “time” (the measurement of sequence) is relative? The New Testament tells us to expect Jesus’ return “soon,” for example.

I hope our new website is up a little “sooner” than that. But I’m beginning to wonder.

As many of you who have launched websites can testify, there’s a gazillion and three things that can stall a launch date. Let’s just say we’ve hit a good percentage of these. We’re still working out the bugs. We know how irritating it is to try and navigate a site that only partly works!

To be perfectly realistic, it now looks like it’ll be late April before we’re ready to go.

I apologize to the several dozen e-mailers who wrote me questions and received the answer: “I address this question in depth on my new website which should be up and running in the near future.” At the time, I thought that “near future” meant a couple days. It now looks like it’s going to be a couple months.

Like I said, time is relative.

But I think you’ll find the new site very helpful and worth waiting for. For example, on this site you’ll be able to easily locate every verse (that I know of) that supports the Open View of the Future, along with my commentary on it, as well as every verse (that I know of) that is used to refute the Open View, along with my commentary on it. There’s a huge (and ever growing) Q and A Section in which I respond to hundreds of questions people have raised over the years on a wide range of topics (from politics to eschatology to demons to sex to … whatever). There’s also a huge Essay Section where I address a wide (and ever growing) variety of topics. Philosophical types will find my reflections on Hexagonic Logic, Neo-Molinism and other esoteric matters on the site. Marcia, the Paparazzi of the small group I’m a part of, is putting together a photo gallery.

But the thing I like most about this new site is that it is profoundly simple. For techno-challenged people like myself, this is huge. The site is amazing without being a maze!

So, I beg your patience for a few more months. In the meantime, keep tuning in to the blog and get what you can from our current (but somewhat obsolete) site.




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