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Greg Boyd and the Horrible Toe

You might remember a post last month detailing Greg’s unfortunate injury to his little toe. Insignificant injury, right? Well, Greg is currently in the hospital recovering from a runaway infection.

Greg’s toe started feeling pretty messed up a few days ago, so he went to see his doctor on Wednesday evening. The doctor was shocked at how bad the infection was and started him on an antibiotic. Greg went home that night and spent a very horrible night sweating and shaking.

Thursday Greg developed a rash, continued to shake uncontrollably, and the skin on his face and one of his arms was somewhat discolored. Not good. Shelley took him back to the doctor who sent him to the E.R. where they promptly admitted him to the hospital.

Today he feels and looks better and seems to be responding to the I.V. antibiotics he’s been receiving. There are some really funny parts of this story though. For instance, Greg wiggled his toes during the 5 minute MRI, which meant a do-over. On the next attempt Greg asked if the music could be turned off so he could concentrate…his heart was racing at the thought of failure by wiggling again, which he didn’t do again but he was so nervous that he couldn’t lay there. Also, while visiting him we messed around a little with his chart. Under “activity level” we wrote “hyper,” under “diet” we wrote “vegetarian cows.” Under “fall risk” they had “no” circled, so we corrected that too…after all, a fall is what got him into this mess in the first place. We noticed under “Today’s plan” his nurse had written “Zeroed”…we left that because zero is what Greg amounts to on any given day. (We’re kind of mean friends).

Greg is spending his time trying to catch up on some reading. He’s been plowing through Shane Claiborne’s Jesus for President. He’s giving it a big thumbs up, and he’ll tell you more about it himself at some point. And what kind of visit would it be without his adorable grandson, Soel. They played drums together. Greg is hoping to be out in the morning just in time for Easter services Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Anyway, if you could keep Greg in your prayers it would be great. We do love him!

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