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Dollars = Change

A podrishioner guest post – Todd Dietz

I first heard Pastor Boyd speak online when he was at Mars Hill Church. I liked what I heard so I found the Woodland Hills Church podcasts and started listening every week. I’m a restaurant manager and work a few late nights every week. After close and everyone is gone I catch up on paperwork and listen to Greg’s sermons. I do appreciate the shout-outs given to podrishioners every week.

Ten years ago I started playing around with video editing, which led me to participate in a local film festival. This past year I drew inspiration from Pastor Boyd’s sermon “Taking Back The House”, my third festival entry, which can be watched below. Also, you can learn more here about the making of this video.

Although I am located hundreds of miles away Greg’s teachings are a blessing to me.

Todd Dietz
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Dollars = Change by: Todd Dietz


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