From Eternity to Here

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I’m sure some of you have read Frank Viola’s Pagan Christianity and Reimagining the Church. In the first work he shows how a great deal of the traditional model of the church is pagan in origin and in the second he fleshes out a biblical model of church, showing how it is centered on organic community. While I’m not ready to discard the large group weekend venue as a missionary tool in the context of America, I’m in complete agreement with Viola’s core vision of the church.

In his most recent book, From Eternity to Here, Viola places the New Testament’s vision of the church in the context of God’s eternal purposes. Creation and all of world history is a magnificent love story in which God is looking for a “bride” with whom he can share the riches of his perfect triune love throughout eternity.

Here’s what I wrote in my endorsement of the book:

“In From Eternity to Here, Viola shows us that we’ve settled for dry doctrines and rote religious behavior when what God wants — and what God has always wanted — is to engage us in a passionate love story that will never end. As Viola unfolds the glorious story of God’s quest for a bride, readers will find their imaginations inspired and their lives transformed. The sheer beauty of God’s magnificent plan compels our allegiance and revolutionizes our lives. This retelling of the ‘old, old story’ is a much-needed gift to the church today.”

If your love affair with God needs rekindling, I strongly recommend this book!

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Enjoy this day as the joyful bride of Christ, preparing herself for the groom’s return!



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