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Ultimate Compassion Conference

Hey folks,

Just want to let you know about a conference that will be held at Woodland Hills Church on poverty and the call of God to do something about it.  It’s entitled Ultimate Compassion and it begins Friday evening, Oct. 30th and runs through Saturday, Oct. 31st.

Here’s why we’re hosting this conference: An increasing number of American Christians are waking up to how central this issue is to God, as reflected by its pervasive emphasis throughout Scripture.  Praise God for this!  Unfortunately, the majority of western believers who live above the poverty line don’t really understand poverty and thus don’t know what they can do to address it.  In fact, as  Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert demonstrate in their butt-kick’n book When Helping Hurts (Moody, 2009), more often than not Christians do more harm than good in their sincere attempts to help. We need to understand the complexities of poverty.

This Conference is meant to not only inspire activism, but to also provide practical knowledge on how to effectively minister to the poor.  I will join Efrem Smith, Jin Kim and Sandra Unger as keynote speakers and we will offer two breakout sessions during which people can attend a workshop of their choice.

For more information, visit www.UltimateCompassion.com. Hope to see you there!



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