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The Beaming Smile Returns

Hi folks,

On behalf of Nate and all the family and friends who love him, I want to sincerely thank all of you who purchased (and are continuing to purchase) Nate’s “autistic-artistic creations.” Shelley and I in particular have been moved to tears with your response. (If you’re new to this blog and don’t know what I’m talking about, see my previous blog post: Intoducing “Nate Creates”.)

We have been overwhelmed with the response. Nate has sold close to 125 creatures! Believe it or not, we even sold several creatures to Rosie O’Donnell (thank you Rosie!). Nate has seen Rosie on television and started wondering when we were going to move to L.A. and worrying about how he’d do in a television interview.

Shelley and I don’t recall seeing our boy quite this proud of himself since he won a track race when he was six. It’s a story worth telling.

When our kids were young we frequently went to “All-Comer” track meets during the summer. Nate’s sisters (Denay and Alisha) would run races, but Nate never showed the slightest interest — until this one day, when Nate was six, he suddenly wanted to run and get a ribbon just like his sisters. Unfortunately, the races for kids his age were over. But, just prior to the final race of the day, I asked the race director if he’d let my boy discretely run his own solo short “race” to get a ribbon. The race director seemed to “get” the situation and so, with a gentle smile, he kindly agreed to let Nate run.

Thing thing is, once Nate got going and heard us and a few others in the stands cheering him on, he didn’t want to stop. Our six-year-old boy proceeded to run all the way around the 440 yard track with a look of determination befitting someone running in the Olympic finals! By the time he finished, most of the people in the stands were on their feet loudly cheering for him. Sensing the momentousness of the event, the race director put out an official finish tape for Nate to run through. As Nate broke through that tape, he fell into my arms exhausted. Then, in front of the whole crowd, the director awarded our proud son a first place ribbon! (Thank you God for kind souls.)

Nate beamed with pride. Shelley and I were choked up and teary-eyed with the achievement.

That’s the look we saw in our son this week. And that is how we feel about his achievement in creating unique works of art that others can enjoy and that help him support himself.

We continue to thank God for kind souls, like the nice race director — and all of you.

And please keep spreading the word! Nate’s creations make great stocking-stuffers. And check back frequently because Nate is always creating new work (and, if you ask this proud father, he’s getting better all the time).

Be blessed in his love.



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