Present Perfect is Here (and Now)


FYI, my most recent book Present Perfect: Finding God in the Now, has hit the bookstores. Present Perfect integrates insights from Brother Lawrence, Frank Laubach and Jean P. De Caussade into essays that attempt to demonstrate why staying awake to God’s presence, moment-by-moment, is not only the most foundational discipline there is; it constitutes the essence of what it means to live under the reign of God. The only thing that is real is now, so to surrender “our life” to God entails surrendering each of the “nows” that comprise our life. At the end of every chapter the book includes some very helpful exercises, for which I enlisted the help of my dear friend Terri Churchill. Her insights and experience (and writing skills!) helped this book immensely.

My prayer is that this book will help free us from our “normal” semi-conscious state in which we live mostly in the past and future and mostly unaware of God’s presence. My hope is that God will use this book to help us become increasingly aware that God is always right here and right now. We are submerged in his perfect love each and every moment of our lives. It’s time we notice the air we breathe!

Stay present!


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