Hot Times In Haiti

About fifteen years ago Greg and Marcia Erickson (who are part of a community of friends Shelley and I share life with) started up a wonderful ministry in Haiti called Providence Ministries.  Among other things, this Haitian-run ministry sponsors a home for six beautiful Haitian young ladies. Madame Leveille, who oversees the home, has had to be in the States the last two months, so Marcia has taken over this role during this time. For the last six weeks Terri Churchill, who is also part of our community and is the Vice President of this ministry, has accompanied Marcia.


It’s been an extremely rewarding and relationship-building time for both Marcia and Terri.  It’s also had its challenges.  For example, I’ve been tracking the weather down there on a daily basis. The combined heat and humidity consistently make it feel over 100 degrees – and at times over 110! And, of course, they have no air conditioning. You can read about some of their experiences here.

While we have been delighted with the way God has used Marcia and Terri to minister in Haiti – and used Haiti to minister to Marcia and Terri – we also miss them terribly.  Well, they’re finally coming home this Friday!  We look forward to hearing first-hand their experiences.  Please keep them in your prayers.




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