ReThink everything you thought you Knew


Heh peeps,

For several years in college and seminary I was enamored with Ludwig Wittgenstein. In fact, the main reason I decided to attend Yale Divinity School was to study under Paul Holmer who was arguably the world’s foremost authority on Wittgenstein at the time. (He was also considered one of the leading authorities on Kierkegaard and C.S.Lewis, and these two were also heroes of mine at the time, as they are to this day).

By  eventually concluded Wittgenstein’s linguistic approach to philosophy had limitations — much to the chagrin of Paul Holmer, who had encouraged me to get my Ph.D at Yale and to a dissertation on Wittgenstein under his direction. But I  have never abandoned my
conviction that Wittgenstein is one of the greatest, and certainly one of the most original, philosophical geniuses of all time.

This little snippet by Andrew Sullivan offers a peek into his mind. “Don’t think, LOOK!”

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