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The Father of Lights Tour

Greg has a small role in Wanderlust Productions’ upcoming documentary The Father of Lights. You can view the trailer here, and view the tour information here. One of the tour stops will be at Woodland Hills Church on the evening of September 28th. It’s a free event, but space will be limited. We’ll be posting more information as that date approaches.

Here’s a bit of information about the film from the website:

Father of Lights is the final film in the Finger of God/Furious Love trilogy. It is big, epic, and above all, challenging. If I were to have to explain what it is about in a nutshell, I would put it like this: if Finger of God is about God’s power, and Furious Love is about God’s love, then Father of Lights is about God’s heart. I went into making this film by asking the simple question: who is God? I wanted to know His character, His personality, and who He truly is. To answer this question, we had to peel back the many layers of religious garbage that has been passed onto him through generations. That He is angry. Vengeful. Wrathful. And in general, that He doesn’t like you very much. The truth, as you will see vibrantly in this film, is that He is the most loving, compassionate, and wonderful Father you can imagine.


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Father of Lights

The Father of Lights documentary is playing at Woodland Hills Church this Friday, September 28th at 7pm. Greg appears in part of this film shining a light on the heart of God. Follow this link for more information. It’s free, but you need to pre-register. We hope that you can join us!