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Little Kingdom

Little Kingdom

How I build well

The walls all around me

How You’ll run through

The mortar and brick of my brothers and me,

The mortar and brick of my sisters and me.


Take my little kingdom

And make it more like Yours.

Take my weary flesh and bones

And build Yourself a home


I guard a sore heart

Of mirrors and books on what’s right and what’s fair

How You’ll clean through

All of these things, save us and a chair,

All of these things, save us and a chair.


So take my little kingdom

And make it more like Yours.

Take my weary flesh and bones

And build Yourself a home


You bring light into dark

Flame from a spark

Breeze from a breath

Life from death


Sword for a hand

Stilts for a stand

Stone for a heart

Flame from spark


So take my little kingdom

And make it more like Yours.

Take my weary flesh and bones

And build Yourself a home

I’m so happy to be able to share another song that Eustace the Dragon just released on SoundCloud. This group is made up of Jessica Smith and Danny Churchill and they are perhaps the most anointed duo I’ve encountered. As I said about “A Song for Sparrows” and “First.” I simply LOVE “Little Kingdom”! Eustace the Dragon captures a sound that is as unique and intriguing as it is beautiful. I think what I find most fascinating about Jessica and Danny’s sound is its unexpected harmonies mixed with a multivalent dimensionality just beneath the surface of profound simplicity. I really think you need to listen to them carefully and on a decent sound system to fully appreciate and enjoy all that’s going on. When I  heard “First” on my I-Phone, I liked it, but when I could later give it my full attention on a good sound system, it utterly BLEW ME AWAY! The same is true of “LIttle KIngdom.”

Eustace the Dragon will be playing at St. Paul Groundswell tomorrow night (November 20th). Sarah and Johnny Becker will be opening for them at 7pm and they’ll go on after that. Jessica and Danny are allowing people to download their music for free but they ask that you email them at WeAreEustace@gmail.com so that they can let you know about upcoming CD releases or concerts. (Don’t worry. They won’t share your information or overload you with emails.) Danny and Jessica lead worship at Thirdway Church in St. Paul. We hope some of you will be able to join them tomorrow night at Groundswell!

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