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Book Review: Jesus Now

JesusNowWhen most Christians think of Jesus, they imagine the man from Galilee who lived 2100 years ago. There is of course nothing wrong with imagining Jesus this way, but, as Frank Viola demonstrates in his latest book, Jesus Now: Unveiling the Present Day Ministry of Christ, we also need to remember that the New Testament has a lot to say about Jesus in the present. Jesus is at work in the world here and now, and if we don’t have a clear conception of what he is up to, we’re going to have a hard time partnering with him to do it!

I’m not aware of any other work that so clearly fleshes out the present ministry of Christ. Using a style that is engaging and accessible to all, Frank discusses Jesus as our High Priest, our Shepherd, our Bridegroom. He then unpacks what the New Testament has to say about Jesus as the Author and Finisher of our faith, as the builder and head of the Church, and as Lord of the world. I believe readers will find this work not only informative, but transformative. The first chapter alone will set free many who live in condemnation as Frank clarifies exactly what Jesus’ role as High Priest accomplishes.

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I encourage you to dive into this inspiring work!



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