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Saturday Art Share: “Garden” by: The Collection

I planted a garden full of things that turned out rotten
fruits and greens for miles and miles that even insects thought were bad
so I thought I’d sing about it – try and make my friends all like them
maybe everyone would love me more if I sounded really sad

So I shot a man in afghanistan, he was bleeding on me
then he said his name was jesus and he never had an army
as he took his dying breath, the last thing that he thought he’d tell me is
“Its better to die for nothing than to kill just for your country”

and my heart wept as the church slept
they were dreaming of parades and politicians
and a savior who allowed to rewrite his words until it matched the war inside their hearts

so I act like I have a right to sing about the things that aren’t right
from the comfort of my couch I pretend I’ve done nothing wrong
as I hoard my money closely, bury coins for all my groceries
and I haven’t met my neighbors yet, but I promise I will someday soon

cause its only been two years since I moved here inside this neighborhood
how much longer could it be till we are family, we are blood?
so I’ll just play my songs and hope that they come swooning to my door
the only thing to life worth doing is that one thing that you’re made for
well, am I made for myself anymore?

Twitter: @TheCollectionNC


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