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Aspen School of Missional Apprenticeship (SOMA)

For over twenty years, the leadership of Woodland Hills Church has talked and dreamed about one day creating an intensive discipleship school where people’s hearts, minds, values, and lifestyles could be deeply shaped and formed into the likeness of Jesus in an intimate and vibrant community setting. We believe that this is one way that a Jesus-looking people can help form Jesus-looking communities that manifest Jesus’ beautiful Kingdom around the world!

Well, it’s finally here! We have launched our Aspen School of Missional Apprenticeship (SOMA). SOMA is a full-time, 9-month residential discipleship training program. Students will be involved in a rigorous schedule of learning, gathering, serving, and ministering that is designed to impact and reshape all dimensions of life – knowledge, character, values, relationships, skills, and lifestyle. The school will focus on worldview and personal formation, as well as theological and ministry equipping, and students will be immersed in classroom experiences, urban and church-based ministry internships, personal mentoring and missional community participation, as well as deep, personal study and prayer.

Our conviction is that being immersed in a learning, missional community like this will transform people’s lives in ways they could otherwise not be transformed. And for this reason, I encourage you to prayerfully consider joining our community if making a nine month commitment is at all feasible for you.

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