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Mushrooms inside a Fallen Tree

Saturday Art Share: Pam Taylor Photography

Pam Taylor’s Photography Mission:

I believe that even in the simple things we can find the magical. We just need the eyes to see. I believe that much of what we see in nature today are the echoes of Eden. That garden must have been so rich and lush with the miraculous – the peaceful harmony shared with all of God’s creatures, the pure, plump fruit ready for the picking each morning, the sanctity of the cool evening walks with our Creator. We don’t need to wish that we lived in amazing fictional places like Narnia or Middle Earth because our world is already full of the marvelous and miraculous. I can sometimes sense the pulsations of a steady undercurrent of the miraculous when I’m alone in a wood or meadow. As the Bible says the earth is awaiting its resurrection. I like to think that I’m capturing little glimpses of what was and what is to come within my photos. My hope is that others will be able to see this too and be encouraged by it and excited for the new Earth to come.

What strange world is this:

A short rest on your journey to the light:

Creation is a mirror in which we see God’s face:

Nature points the way:

Even the trees burn with love for the Creator and his creation:

And then he retreated into the boat out on the lake:


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