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Saturday Art Share: The Photography of Thomas Jay Oord

Commentary by Dan Kent

I carry a dread in my heart that human progress has whittled nature almost down to nothing. In my heart I assume we’ve marked and tagged, and moved all God’s creatures into state zoos, which sit in our cities like sad arks.

Besides writing thought-provoking books about God’s relational nature (see his best-selling book “God Can’t“), Thomas Jay Oord also practices the art of nature photography. With his books, Thomas seeks to show readers that God is still alive even when it may not look like it. With his camera, Thomas shows that nature is still alive, and wild, even though we may fear that it isn’t.

Beyond comforting the deep dreads of my heart, Thomas’s photographs stand on their own technically as well. The lighting, the framing, the exposure, well, judge for yourself:

Learn more about Thomas’s writing and photography at his website: ThomasJayOord.com

Guest Contributor:

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