Jesus Under Siege

jesus-under-siege-bookAuthor: Gregory A. Boyd

Publisher: Victor (1995)

Topic: Apologetics: How can Evangelicals respond to the Jesus Seminar?

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Description: Author Gregory Boyd defends the historical veracity of the Gospels while exposing the flaws in the thinking of a number of liberal historical Jesus scholars who are presently making headline news.

Greg’s story behind the writing of Jesus Under Seige: When I submitted Cynic Sage or Son of God for publication, the editors thought it was very good, but also much more academic than they anticipated. So they asked me to quickly knock off a very popular defense of the historical Jesus, spinning it as a response to the way Jesus was being portrayed in the media. In three weeks the book was done. Though it was intentionally a “time piece,” the arguments defending the historical Jesus in this book are still relevant.

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