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Awake to God

Dr. Boyd,

I am a teacher out on Long Island at a Lutheran middle and high school. I grew up in Minnesota and in fact went to college at Bethel University but did not have the privilege of being able to have you in class. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to speak at our chapel service. I had been inspired by your book ‘Present Perfect’ and used it as the basis of my message (of course giving you due credit). I encouraged the students to remain ‘Awake’ to the heightened awareness of God’s presence at all times and to let Him change who they were with this moment by moment awareness. At the end of my message, I gave out white rubber bands to over 600 students and staff as a reminder to be ‘Awake’ throughout that hour, day and however long they chose. It was wonderful to see the students respond so positively to the message and to come up to me throughout that day and week mentioning how they were ‘Awake’.

I have held you in very high respect over the years, having even been able to attend Woodland Hills to hear you speak several times. I appreciate your ‘down to earth’ messages and have enjoyed reading several of your books and listening to some of your podcasts. Thank you for your continuous spirit for the Lord and your inspiration as I continue in my service of educating and witnessing to our youth.

In Him,