ReThink everything you thought you Knew

From a Retired US Air Force Master Sergeant

I saw Greg on CNN’s “God Warriors” (a great show) and I just took to heart everything he said. For the first time in my life, I felt like someone knew exactly how I felt. I am no theologian, so I could never express through scripture why I feel like I do inside, but I knew my feelings did not match what I was getting from the pulpit or how I felt about God. When asked I would just tell people my belief in God is simple “There is a God and I’m not him” and when I keep that in check it works out alright.

I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel like a spiritual person. For years I have felt like I didn’t belong to this “God thing” because I didn’t believe what I was being told at church and I knew most of the people at the church were “full of it” because I saw them outside of church and I knew they didn’t walk the walk. Of course after listening to Greg some more and reading his books I found out, it’s not about how my fellow Christians act but how I feel and act.

My relationship with God is mine and mine may not work for you just as yours may not work for me. I don’t agree with everything Greg says, but I agree with enough to make me keep listening. I am a retired US Air Force Master Sergeant and I used to get a creepy feeling when people would talk about God and the military or politics and God. so when Greg wrote about seeing the Jet fighters flying over the flag & cross at the 4th of July service and weeping, I knew exactly what he meant.

My wife has been heavy into her church since we got married. I went with her a few times but then used my “I’m Catholic and I don’t get your Presbyterian stuff” excuse to stay away. Once I saw Greg, I went back to Church with her. I would like to say it was a great spiritual event but when I went back I found a pastor who focused on the differences between Calvinism & Armenism and I did not enjoy the divisiveness. My wife loves her pastor and since my wife is Korean and so is the pastor & half the Church I am glad she has a place to go. I still go with her, but instead of the translation headset the other Americans wear, I have an Ipod and listen to Greg’s downloaded sermons.

Yours in faith

From a Retired US Air Force Master Sergeant
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