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From Oregon


I just read “The Myth of a Christian Nation.” I and a group we started at the University of Oregon called “University of Oregon Evangelicals for Peace and Social Justice” were telling the same message, but not nearly as well, in the early 80’s. As a result we were put on the “watch out for these guys” list of most of the evangelical churches I had friends in at the time. a couple years later, when I got Multiple Sclerosis, some even said that I was receiving punishment from God for promoting false doctrine.

I stayed away from churches for about 10 years after that but found a Vinyard church where I was at least tolerated as long as I was very careful about who I discussed my convictions with regarding the issue of the church taking up the power of politics to acheive its purposes. That worked okay until Sept 11th and the renewed wave of “God and country” that swept the US.

After reading Mr. Boyd’s book though I’m realizing I should not have just shut up for all those years, and settled for being tolerated. I’m seeing more than ever a need, especially in this area of California, for the church to be at least kind, if not merciful, compassionate, or even helpful to the poor and afflicted.

So what I’m wondering is, does Mr Boyd ever come to the San Francisco Bay Area to speak? Is he coming this year?

Also, can you recommend any churches in the Bay Area, especially the South Bay/San Jose area where they are in agreement with or at least receptive to Pastor Boyd’s messages (especially “God at War” and “Myth of a Christian Nation”?