Enough Faith?

Periodically, we post testimonies from our readers. If you have a testimony to share you can email us at editor@reknew2015.wpengine.com. (We won’t share your contact information or your last name.) We love to hear what God is up to in your lives!

Dear Greg,

I know you can’t possibly read and respond to all your mail, but I just wanted to say thank you. Over the past 5*ish* years of being familiar with you, I have benefited massively from listening to your sermons and reading your blog and a few books. Your teachings on the uniqueness of Christ’s Kingdom, and of faith being essentially a choice, and not a feeling, have been key in helping me mature as a believer. Also, ‘Get your life from Jesus Christ’ is something I remind myself when I find myself getting caught up in the need to be right or any other idolatry.

Your faith teachings have been particularly key- I have struggled with ‘thought based’ OCD through the years, and some of the fears have been about faith- ‘Do I have enough faith to be saved?’ ‘How can I know x, y, or x?..’ So hearing you unpack things in the way you do, AND hearing you express that you are one of those people who has trouble feeling psychologically certain of anything, has been a huge blessing to me.

I’ve even regurgitated a couple of your sermons in my own (occasional) sermons… lol hope that’s ok :)
Anyways, just thought I should let you know how thankful I am!