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Hungry Ex-Atheist

Greg …

I wrote you last week (through ReKnew I think) about having discovering your teaching on “Open Theism”. Since then I have viewed several of your teachings on YouTube on a variety of subjects. I’m stunned, pleasantly stunned; there simply is no other way to put it.

I was an atheist, completely unchurched, until I got saved at the age of 31. I was so excited to discover that God was real that I wanted to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible. I went to a Reformed Presbyterian church for Sunday service and Sunday school but that’s all they offered. So, I found a Monday night bible study at the local Nazarene church, a Wednesday night bible study at the CMA church, a Thursday night bible study at an Assembly of God church and a Friday night bible study at a Full Gospel church. In addition I was listening to several preachers on the radio (John MacArthur, Chuck Swindle, Chuck Smith, Jack Hayford, Malcolm Smith and many, many more). Through the myriad of mixed doctrine, God honored my earnest desire to know Him and the Holy Spirit helped me glean an abundance of truth. Praise be to Him, I grew like crazy – it was intense!

Over time, however, I discovered there were “camps” that were at odds with each other. Typically, the reaction to one extreme was another extreme and therefore not productive, as you well know. I had come to the conclusion that there were basically two camps: Calvinists and Armenians. Both had good points but were diametrically opposed. I was stuck having to choose one or the other but unable to defend either one.

I’m glad to find a biblical alternative to the standard, run-of-the-mill versions.

#1 Thank you!
#2 I thank God that I found your stuff!

sincerely blessed,