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My Spiritual Life was transformed….

Dear Greg:

Greetings to you from the other side of the Atlantic.

As we approached the end of the academic year, for reasons no one understands, our academic dean added another week to the semester. In my pastoral theology class, I had already told the students everything I knew and then some, so this addition presented a wee bit of a challenge. I decide to take the opportunity and introduce the 22 of them to cataphatic spirituality.

I boldly plagiarized your material (CD and book), contextualized it and presented it.  I had no occasion following the classes to debrief the experience with the troops so, I appended a page to their final exam and solicited an evaluation despite the awkwardness of the timing. Let me quote just a few in part, unedited:

My spiritual life was transformed.

I have never felt the way I did. It was an experience for me. You opened my spiritual eyes.

My soul was deeply touched such that I began to look Jesus and understand Him in a new way.  This exercise has made me to view Jesus as real; one who truly cares about me and who is involved in my daily personal life and needs. Now I realise that when I pray to Him, I am talking to someone who is ready to listen and answer.

It was powerful and changed my life and the image I had about God.

It was heart moving. . .  I renewed my commitment to Christ.  Thank you for teaching me a new way of thinking about God and me.

Sir, several lives have already been changed and I wanted you to know that we are indebted to you.  The Lord has clearly used you as an instrument in His hands even though we are thousands of kilometres apart.

I thank you again for your efforts in getting the CDs across the pond to me.  They have clearly made a huge difference.