No Longer Afraid of Doubt

Since high school, I had been struggling with my faith. I was so afraid that if what I believed was wrong, I’d be reduced to nothing but a grain of sand on an endless and purposeless beach. It continually depressed me, and I found it difficult to have any hope or joy with all this doubt and fear plaguing my mind. I never hit a point where I didn’t believe in God, but I never felt peaceful or at ease with what I believed.

Perhaps by prophetic means or by convenience, I was amidst my deepest worries when my mother told me about Woodland Hills and their sermons by a guy named Greg Boyd. Because of this, I later found the books Letters from a Skeptic, The Jesus Legend, and Benefit of the Doubt. Not only did these books reassure me that I have good reason for my faith, but that I don’t have to be certain to have good and reasonable faith in Christ. I no longer fear being right or wrong, and I no longer fear doubt. Through these teachings and books, God revealed to me that my life comes from Christ and Christ alone, and that I needn’t be afraid when I experience doubt.

All I can say is thank the Lord for ReKnew and Greg, for through your works, God has blessed me and I feel prepared not only to face my own doubt, but help others come through their doubt (I have shared Letters from a Skeptic and the ReKnew website with several friends, some of whom have come back to me to ask questions about my faith!). Now, I’m only a sophomore in college, and I have the drive to share the vision of a Jesus-looking God and Jesus-looking Kingdom, and can do so with a spirit of peace. I am excited that I’m young so I can see where the vision goes throughout my lifetime.

God bless and much love to all of you,