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Overdue thanks

Dear Pastor Boyd,

At the end of 2003 my father was killed in a sudden, somewhat mysterious car accident. After his death I spent many months blaming God, and I could not understand how or why God would kill my father in such a horrible way. I was in the depths of despair when a pastor introduced me to your concepts of how good and evil truly function in our world.

Needless to say, I’ve had an entirely different view of my faith ever since. In some ways, I find it more terrifying than ever to be a Christian living in today’s world, but your concepts also gave me a great sense of comfort and relief. It is not an exaggeration to say that you and the pastor I was working with saved my life.

I owed you a deep thanks then, and I never got around to sending you a letter. I am a college music professor, and today I was doing youtube.com research on the jazz guitarist Charlie Christian. Well, your interview with Charlie Rose popped up, and I took the time to watch it.

Bravo! Thanks for being a sane voice for Christianity in a very insane world. Keep up the great work, and, better late than never, please accept my deepest thanks for your guiding hand in my life during a very troubling time.