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Dr. Boyd,

I wanted to say thanks for your stand for Christian peace-making.

When I was a sophomore in college, the school brought Sean Hannity to campus for a lecture. At the time, I was still a pretty new Christian. I had not read Wink or you or pacifism yet. All I knew was that Jesus seemed to prefer peace. I let my sophomore passions get ahead of me and stood up to say I didn’t think killing your neighbor was what Jesus had in mind when he said to love our neighbors.

That, of course, started a huge debate between Just War and Pacifism on campus. I made great friends who supported a Christian Pacifism position. For my senior seminar I wrote about the differing wartime ideologies between my university’s first and second presidents.

At Micah 6 Community we have had to work out how we are going to be peace-makers in our community. One of the things we have decided is that we don’t keep weapons in our house because we don’t want to ever be tempted to use them against someone, nor stolen from us to be used against someone else. Many of the conversations about what that would look like started over your books, including God at War.

Thanks for your work and what it has meant to me and Micah 6 Community.