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Students inspired

Mr. Boyd:

This may be an odd e-mail, but I thought you might enjoy it. For a number of years, I have read your books. Your perspective on suffering in your writings, quite literally, kept my best friend from leaving Christianity after suddenly losing his 20 month old daughter. His grief remains intense and so does his faith. Thanks. 

Three years ago, I left the public schools, and became the Superintendent of a Christian school. My best friend gave me your new book, “The Myth of a Christian Nation.”  It was very challenging to absorb. There are indeed places of disagreement, but your central thesis of the uniqueness of God’s kingdom, moved me to make different choices. 

At our school, there is a faculty of approximately 135. Your book was so thought-provoking, I asked my teachers to participate in a book group, and I purchased nearly fifty copies of your book. For the past three months, at 7:15 – 8:00 am, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have participated in discussing your book chapter by chapter with those in various book groups: elementary teachers, pre-school teachers, junior high and high school teachers. It has changed us.  Collectively, we have come to know God, and His kingdom, in unexpected ways. The conversations have been stimulating, and have taught us over and over again to be “power under” teachers, administrators, and people. Very tough stuff. Very transformative.


Thanks – A genuine thanks.  In a school district of nearly 1300 students your thoughts have pointed us back to the kingdom of God.