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Peace Regardless

My oldest son (middle child), who just finished his first year of Divinity School at Harding School of Theology, recently turned me on to Dr. Greg Boyd as an author and theologian. I am a simpleton attorney in Chattanooga, Tennessee who was raised in a very very very very conservative church of Christ. Anyway, I am really writing this email just to say thank you for the ReKnew website. Further, I want to express an even greater appreciation for Dr. Boyd’s book “The Myth of a Christian Nation”.  While I have not spent one day of higher education in any Biblical study, I read quite a bit. To say this book has been profound in my life would be an understatement. Since the Supreme Court decision of Lawrence v. Texas in 2003, I would probably be better described as a disciple of Chicken Little than Jesus. No matter how often I would tell myself that I am an alien here, I had three young children and I knew what I wanted their world to be — and we have not been headed in that direction. I am now totally at peace!  While I have my own desire and beliefs about how the Supreme Court should rule later this month, I have no fear of the outcome. I will neither be discouraged nor would I gloat. So please pass along my sincerest thanks to Dr. Boyd for his book — and accept my thanks for the wonderful website you are running.

All the best,