Throughout the world, people are re-thinking what they thought they knew about the Christian faith. It is an age, it seems, in which many believers and skeptics alike are dissatisfied with the status quo.  Questions increasingly outnumber answers, and faith feels harder and harder to hold.

ReKnew is a place for those in the midst of these questions. Led by best-selling author and teacher, Greg Boyd, we invite believers and skeptics alike to ask tough questions and consider a renewed picture of God.

At the center of ReKnew is the very old yet new idea that Jesus reveals what God is really like. And that image — of God invading creation to ultimately die on a cross — stands in stark contrast to what most people now think of as “Christian.” Sadly, throughout history Christians have often allowed this simple and beautiful message to be hijacked by religion, politics, and the assumptions of the day, replacing the revolutionary truth that self-sacrificial love is not only who God is — it’s what saves the world.

In support of this message, ReKnew aims to offer fresh and relevant content that is smart, challenging, and accessible. Our heart is to educate, inspire, and expand the growing movement of Jesus followers by helping them know how beautiful God really is.

You can learn more about us by reading our ReKnew Manifesto. This document details the focus of this ministry, and the kind of thought-provoking content you’ll encounter here.