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Hats off

My hats off to the “God-loving” and “God-fearing” Marcia. Most excellent.

See, quality takes time.

And does anybody know anyone else who says “Bug!” when they’re peeved? One of the things I love about Marcia is that she’s just… shall we say… a little different. Sometimes I like irritating her just to listen to her unique way of expressing herself. It’s so cute!

Well, for the next NDY gig we’ll try to get a bigger venue so we can actually let people know about it (The Dugout could only hold 175 people).

Speaking of quality taking time, the new site is coming along… any day now… I personally can’t wait, partly for selfish reasons. I get 40-60 e-mails a day. About a third of them are questions, and around 90% of these are questions I’ve answered, in one form or another, a dozen to a hundred times. I’ve been saving my responses and plan on transferring them to this new site. (This will take awhile, so don’t expect them all up when we debut in a couple days). Then I can just respond to these questioners by saying, “check out the site.”

Try to remember the most important aspect of your environment each moment is that God is present there. If you’re not aware of God, right now, you’re filtering out the most important thing.

“Practice the presence of God” (bro. Lawrence)



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