NOT DEAD YET!!!!!!!!

this is Marcia…
ok, first I just have to say, RUDE!

GB needs to chill.
he simply can’t get over the messy room issue. DUDE!

but, since I’m a mature, gracious, God-loving & fearing woman, I will look past Greg’s latest blog dedicated completely to disparaging my character…I won’t go there. Before I get to the pictures…as a representative of Providence Ministries I’d like to say a huge thanks to NDY and everyone who came out to hear them…over $1000 was raised towards our work in Haiti! THANKS!!!

I give you NDY…already!!

pastor doctor reverend professor drummer Boyd

the other rock stars: Norm, Greg E., Dave, Alex and Steve

Greg’s daughter Alisha and her husband Tim…their first baby is due in May and that didn’t stop Alisha from dancing away

the groupies
long live NDY


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