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About the NDY blog thing

Heh folks,

Yes, Marcia WILL BE giving a pictorial blog on the NDY debut later… like I PROMISED in my previous blog. A slight delay it seems. Marcia has read parts of my forthcoming book Cosmic Dancing, and so, apparently, has learned that time is relative — to humans, but not to God. So, since Marica is human, and not God, very soon could mean… well….

dum dee dum dum….

any day now, for sure….

It’ll be something alright.

Quality takes time you know.

For sure.

Soon as it pops up, it’ll be really special. Yes sir.

Heh, just checked out my friend Terri’s blog. She got the “A Roar for Powerful Word’s” award for blogging! Way to go Terri! She’s only been doing this for a couple weeks. Wow. But if anyone roars with words, its her. Check out her blog here.

What do ya think about Huckabee and Obama? Was I right about that, or what? Wow.


I didn’t preach today cause I was sick. Fortunately they could show the video from the Saturday night service.

In case you wanted to know.

Friday night rocked. You’ll see…. soon.

Some of you may recall that this is the same Marcia that embarrassed me a while back showing how messy my office is. I love her tons, but kind of owe her some grief, don’t you think?

She’s really got a gift for photography. Punctuality? — not so much.

But you’ll see, it’ll be worth the wait…

Earth calling Marcia. Come in Marcia???

Peace on you all.



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