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NDY Gig…You’re Invited!

“Yeh, that’s me on the drums…in the spotlight…doing a solo….having a blast….being worshiped once again by our lead singer Dave (notice his hands in air) and the rest of the band. I tell Dave all the time, “Dude, I appreciate your respect but you’ve got to stop this worship thing…I’m not a drummer god (even though in the photo below there does seem to be a white glow around my drum set). It could get us BOTH in serious trouble.” Dave always seems to understand and repent…until my next solo!


Sheesh. I guess he just gets lost in the thrill of the moment when “he’s” not in the spotlight.

Anyways, I want to invite all of you to our next NDY rock-the-house gig on Friday, Jan 14 at “The Dugout” in Mahtomedi MN, from 8:30-Midnight. We guarantee you’ll have a great time. All proceeds go towards Providence House ~ Haiti. You’ll help raise funds for this great cause for kids in Haiti, which will make God and the kids (and probably YOU) happy. And when you come, if you suspect Dave is falling back into his pagan worship of me during my drum solo, please forgive him…he’s workin’ on it.



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