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Circles / Círculos (Abstracción 011)

Claudio.Ar via Compfight

Hi ReKnewers. Terri Churchill here. I’m the editor for this blog. Normally I keep a pretty low profile, but Greg asked me to share something I wrote this past weekend. I’ve been navigating a very emotional time in my life lately, and my hope is that some of you who find yourself in a similar place will be helped just a little. Or maybe you’ll just feel a little less alone.



passing through circles

of weddings and aging and death

i can’t tell where this one ends and

this one begins.


i see my son, my baby

reaching out to his lovely one

and grasping a hand that is not mine

and i decide that i love her too.


i see my mother

reaching out to memory

and grasping things from long ago

and i decide that she’s wiser than me.


i see my brother

reaching out to god

and grasping for something beyond this world

and i decide to someday ask the way

and follow.


these circles cross paths

in ways i cannot comprehend.


i reach out for something less dizzying


and grasp for something more linear


then decide to walk the intersections

as best I can.

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