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The ReKnew Cross Vision Conference is Coming!

Since its release in mid-April, Crucifixion of the Warrior God has helped a multitude of people fully embrace for the first time the beautiful God revealed in Jesus’ cross-centered life and ministry. It has helped many others regain their confidence in the Bible as “God’s inspired word,” despite its many ugly, violent depictions of God. We fully expect that this will be even more true when Cross Vision, which is the much shorter lay version of Crucifixion of the Warrior God, is released in mid-August.

At the same time, both books raise a host of important questions and objections that need to be addressed. For example, can a non-violent interpretation of the Bible be consistently maintained? Is it true that God punishes people by withdrawing from them? Can contemporary people be asked to take Satan and demons seriously? What implications does the cross-centered interpretation of Scripture have for how we teach the Bible to children and to teenagers? What implications does this paradigm have for how we engage with people of other faiths or for how we apply the Bible to social justice issues today?

Beyond summarizing the case for a cross-centered interpretation of the Bible, the Cross Vision conference (September 21-23) will address these and an assortment of other issues. Joining Greg to provide teachings and lead discussions on a variety of topics will be:

Rachel Held Evans

Bruxy Cavey

Dennis Edwards

Natalie Frisk

natalie frisk

Ted Lewis

Reesheda Graham-Washington

Catherine Hanna Schrock

Jer Swigart

Erin Mehta

Neeraj Mehta

On top of this, ReKnew Ministries will be hosting a party each night at a local pub that will be headlined by Tripp Fuller’s Homebrewed Christianity and Greg’s classic rock band, Not Dead Yet.

Come join like-minded friends for a fun, challenging, informative and potentially revolutionary couple of days! To register, go here. Early Bird Price of $149 expires on July 31!

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