Larissa Lee

Larissa Lee is on the Facilities Staff at Plum Creek Church. She has also done Youth, Worship, College, and Children's ministry.

Is 2020 Judgment from God?

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Article by Larissa Lee 2020 has been the ugliest year the US has seen for a while. As I write this we’ve had two hurricanes rage towards the gulf of Texas and Lousianna. There are…

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Hearing God’s Voice and Discerning God’s Will

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Article by Larissa Lee When someone says, “God told me…” I instinctively cringe. I’ve had self-appointed prophets use “God told me” to emotionally manipulate me. We’ve all likely heard an evangelist claim “God told them”…

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From Christianity to Atheism and Back Again

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Article by Larissa Lee Do you ever wonder what makes a person become an atheist? Or what makes an atheist become a Christian? I’m in a rare position to tell you the answer to both….

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