Adopting Christian Pacifism


Stuart Williams via Compfight

We wanted to share a reflection by Kurt Willems on how he eventually embraced pacifism despite resisting this part of his anabaptist roots for much of his youth. Hope you enjoy his story.

From the blog:

The summer following my first year of seminary a tour bus powered by used cooking grease showed up in Fresno. Two guys, Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw jumped out and gave a presentation about their book Jesus for President. The passion with which they spoke and the articulate biblical arguments they presented finally convinced me to let go of my fears and embrace nonviolence as normative for Christian discipleship.

I now could, as Greg Boyd (another key influence) has often reminded me, get all of my value, worth, and security from the revolutionary enemy-loving God who is fully revealed in Jesus Christ! This not only inspired a fresh wind of the Spirit in my own faith journey, but also spurred me on in my calling as an eventual church planter to proclaim this truth with boldness and humility. This “tipping point” in my theological/spiritual journey is why I write about this theme as often as I do and with the passion that I do.